5 Tips for getting a healtheir, faster meal in the morning

5 Tips for getting a healtheir, faster meal in the morning

We have all been there, we have just finished our workout and are in need of a quick healthy meal that will replenish us for the day. Unfortunately, when we get home, nothing is ready! We are tempted to order food but even that will take at least 20 minutes. The following are some tips to make gourmet meals in under 10 mins when you get home from the gym.

  • Turn stove on first.

The bottleneck in the kitchen process is usually warming up water, or the oven. This bottleneck is further emphasized when you are living in student housing and your stove barely works (shout out Sarnia rd). So pre heat everything immediately. If you're feeling like a pro, turn the stove on, put a pot full of water, then jump into the shower. Once the heat is turned on you can grab all the food you want out of the fridge or cabinet and get it ready to make.

  • Cut smaller pieces.

When you are cutting your vegetables or meats, cut them as small as possible because they cook faster when they are small. They don't have to be the perfect size or shape (unless you are trying to impress your friends) long, skinny cuts work optimally. An effective tool in the kitchen is to use kitchen scissors. Kitchen scissors are really good for cuttings stuff because you don't need a cutting board and you can cut stuff right over the pan. It takes a little bit of learning of skill, but in the long term it will save you time and dishes.

  • Prep food the night before.
Things like rice, oats and beans can be soaked in the fridge over night to make cooking quicker and easier. You can also cook a lot of rice the night before and have it ready for the next day. Rice pretty much goes with anything and is gluten free! This makes it easier for you to just grab and warm up without always having to cook from scratch. Next time you make rice, make a batch of 10 servings (it lasts a week in the fridge).
  • Make your own sauce:
This is more for taste than for quickness, but if you have a bunch of different sauces (like salad dressings, spreads, BBQ sauces, etc) in the fridge, it makes food so much more appetizing. Click here for some awesome vegan salad dressings (Shout out to Simnett Nutrition!).
  • Lastly, just eat more fresh vegetables
Things like spinach and lettuce are so quick, easy and nutritious, that you just need to throw it on the plate and voila. You are ready. It is proven that raw vegetables are great for your energy levels and lowering inflammation.

Good luck, everyone! And if you have questions please don't hesitate email me

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