Launching Into An Incubator

Launching Into An Incubator

Here's some great news!

We have started our first week in the Propel Summer Incubator and it's been the fastest week ever! Two of my main goals are to: Run a successful crowdfunding project and gain retailers across Ontario.

I can't believe sometimes I am working full time on my own business, but I wouldn't have dreamed for anything else. Looking forward to building sustainability into my products. Here's a look at how I plan to do so:

Listening to Stakeholders

One of the most important things in business is listening to customers and everyone you need to interact with. It can be hard to see the bigger picture, but I'm keen on learning from what the majority of my customers think and incorporating their feedback into my products. 

Fair Trade Ingredients

I have always been interested in Fair Trade ingredients since I personally value them over organic ingredients. Largely due to supply chains and certification. Excited to start with the ingredient certification and hopefully can become a certified product! 

Sustainable (actually green) Packaging

My packaging currently is recyclable and reusable! I just updated my nutrition labels to the "eco hyper-mode" where they can be recycled too (without ripping them off). Looking at all kinds of cool innovative packaging ideas from using seaweed to cellulose wrappers instead of the deli-containers. 

Supporting Food Education & Workshops

I always believed in promoting food education (Fooducation). I can't believe how many people are just afraid of the kitchen. Sometimes people ask me what happens if a customer converts and makes their own bars without my product. I'd be equally as happy that I gave them the courage to do that :) 


Josh, Founder

PS - Our two new flavours are ready (thank-you for waiting) & will be crowdfunded through major discounted pre-orders (but sign up fast or you'll miss out)


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