Three Tips to Set Yourself Up for a Better Morning

Three Tips to Set Yourself Up for a Better Morning

There are not too many things as important to your productivity as your morning routine. But one of those things that is just as important is your night before routine. What you do right before bed carries over into the next day, and it is important to do the little things right the night before so you can gain momentum smoothly in the morning.

1. Ditch the screen after dinner

When you look at the blue light from any of your devices, whether it is your TV or your laptop screen or your phone screen, you disrupt your circadian rhythm by eliminating melatonin in your system, which makes it harder for you to fall asleep. Everyone knows that a proper amount of sleep is important for cognitive function the next day, but in order to get a good sleep, you need to prepare properly.

2. Prepare your breakfast the night before

Your morning is the time of day where your brain is most powerful and effective, so why waste that valuable time waiting in line at a restaurant or a fast food driveway. If you prepare yourself for the "win" the night before, you are sure to get more done the next morning. For example, you may wish to prepare some over night oats which is full of nutrition and it is also delicious.

3. Set your intentions the night before

Instead of waking up and not knowing what to do, and then spending your whole morning figuring out what to do that day 9and spending valuable brain power) set your intentions the night before by stating what you want to get done the next day. This could be as easy as a 10 second practice of thinking about what you want to accomplish the next day, or you can write them out in a night time journal.

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