The Original Energy Bar Kit


The Original - Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate


Our secret is the fact that we simply don't cut corners on making a product taste amazing! All the while we use fair trade, natural, and organic ingredients because we value putting good things into our bodies (plus ensuring our suppliers are fairly paid)! This flavour features amazing Canadian ingredients already measured to the precise amount shipped straight to your door. We blend together two mixes, wet and dry, which when combined unlock your taste  buds into a peanut butter haven!

How does this work? We craft artisanal flavours and mix our simple clean ingredients into two mixes: Wet and Dry. Instead of looking up countless recipes, buying all the ingredients, and worrying they won't taste good, you can trust the advantage of Maker Bars is always in superior taste. In a short 15 minutes, you combine the natural wet and dry mixes to make 10 fresh energy bars or 20 fresh energy bites. Presto! Minutes to make (no-bake) with our novel 3 step recipe, check out our How-To video.

Each MakerBars Kit is handmade in London, Ontario & makes 10 bars or 20 balls. We've produced this tasty product for the bustling, avid meal preppers and health-conscious family. Mix, press, shape and presto! You have it made in minutes!

Satisfy those pre-workout or post-workout cravings and study snacks to last you all week. Don't worry about what's in your cupboard, we give you everything you need with no food waste, plus no food wrappers!

6 Simple Ingredients: Local gluten-free oats, natural peanut butter, pure Canadian honey, fair trade chocolate chips, almonds, sea salt. ( add your favourite protein or seeds!)

How Is MakerBars More Affordable? Compared to buying bars premade at the store, we invited the energy bar kit for those avid meal-preppers and fun family moments to create your snacks on a lazy Sunday. Making 10 bars with our kit means each bar is only $1.5 (or less) and 20 energy bites are $0.75 (or less). If you buy an equivalent box of 10-12 bars each month, they are usually up to $40 (or $3.5 per bar). That's a lot of dough saved in every bite

Forever customizable: Share your creations with us! We carefully selected this recipe & it is so popular we decided to make it available all year! We also make seasonal flavours available online & in our pop-ups. 

Instructions: Minutes to make (no bake). Mix, press, & shape!!  See our short video! 

 How Much Does It Make? 10 Energy Bars or 20 Energy Balls 

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
So glad I found you :D

I looked all over for an energy bite mix that I could give to my best friend for her birthday. After psoriatic arthritis launched an attack on her body several years ago, she counter-attacked with a healthy lifestyle of good eating and exercise. Her birthday this year coincides with a fund-raising bike marathon. She looks forward to a 50k ride .. and LOVES to pop a bite of energy before/during her long rides. THIS is going to be a perfect gift for her :D (as a good friend should, I tried it out first -- these energy bites are delicious! Thanks Josh)

Joanne Young Evans
Thanks for making this easy, tasty and healthy

Josh, not only have you created an awesome product, your back story rocks! You will go far young man and I lead a non-profit - we need more leaders like you!


Love the flavour,I devoured most of them while rolling them into balls. I reach for them whenever I crave for snacks or something sweet & don’t even feel guilty about it😉

Wayne de Groot
I don't do 'bars'...

I DO BITES! Absolutely love it. I have 2 trays of total 32 mini "2 bite" size muffin trays. Pack them in and set them in the fridge. I pop them in my mouth when I have cravings for junk food and energy. Josh is awesome. The packaging is awesome. The delivery was awesome. 6/5 stars.

Jordann Campbell
Absolutely Delicious!

Love these snacks, perfect for breakfast before work! I love the focus on sustainability! I also am proud to support a local business run by a fellow Western engineer! Amazing product Josh! :)