About Us.


In late 2018, MakerBars was founded believing healthy energy bars should be tasty & create impact at an affordable price for consumers. MakerBars strives to include Fair Trade ingredients in the products and focuses on innovation in eco-friendly packaging.

Early 2019
MakerBars continued to grow its brand through the innovative MakerBars Kits! The kits provide a product that tastes good, saves you time & money, and an experience to share!

Mid 2019
MakerBars entered the Propel Summer Incubator at Western University which included funding to update the packaging! We also launched MakerBars GO to combat the problems of food wrappers and unethically sourced ingredients!

Early 2022
MakerBars welcomes Berto Mill to help run operations and continue to provide great quality products and support local markets.


Currently we provide two amazing wholefood energy bars solutions: our innovative complete mix kits and our new MakerBars GO protein packed energy balls.

All of our products contain simple ingredients, sourced from Canadian partners. They are packed to the brim with plant-based protein and fibre. We believe that when you eat real food, you feel better!

We just were in two startup acceleartors: London SBC Scale Up! & League of Innovators! We are currently part of the Western Accelerator & scaling our brand!

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Josh Reding, Founder

Josh Reding has been a passionate foodie his entire life since he was a child cooking in the kitchen next to his mum. He is a new grad with a dual degree in Integrated Engineering from Western University & HBA from Ivey Business School. MakerBars was inspired by his passion for cooking and he aims to share the love for cooking with the world by creating more foodie makers.

He has a strong belief in creating social impact! In high-school he started a Me-to-We club, was involved in Engineering Without Borders through university, and created AgTech Western to showcase innovation in growing unique herbs for restaurants.